BOOK 25, 58-2



1958, march 15, 20.00, EP

We've conducted oceanographic measurements in the Altair Region (general temperature, salinity, etc.) using the new probes brought to us by helicopter two weeks ago.
Measurement resolution increased with 50 %!

Our next target is Narssaq where we will meet with Carl Edda (will arrive there by plane), refuel, take in fresh food and drinks, and hopefully find a fast supply of stripcharts.


1958, march 27, 19.30, EP

Received Telex from Carl, he'll be there in time when we harbour tomorrow about 10.00
Spotted a group of Blue Whales this morning, our hydrophones picked up phantastic sounds, two reels of tape ready for use by Carl for his new proposed sonics.
JPF has prepared my paper (thanks) on Arbitrary Selectivity that will be published next week.
JLR did a great job with the new probes, and she discovered something odd.
will return to this later when the ship is at rest (and we too).


1958, march 28, 11.00, JPF

Entered Narsseq on schedule at 10.15. will meet with Carl this afternoon.
Planning for new projects and assignments will start next week after a small (welcome) break
meanwhile the ship will be prepared
next meeting of our IGY group planned in apil


1958, april 7, 14.00, JPF

Both our group and ships crew are refreshed, exhausted as we were after our past project assignment.
New projects and headings are pin-pointed and planned out, two of which are classified under P-673/A1
Order of projects and targets:
- M-47: measurements of time-space variations in the region north-west of Island (JPF);
performing correlations with past data and with O-112 (EP)
- M-48: measurements in ELF/VLF with on-ship and remote RX-system on Orange Island (JPF); file on tape (JLR)
- C-7; xx
- C-8; xx
- O-143: observations on correlation of C-8 with M-48 and M-22 (JPF); report must be sonified (des. R-143 ass. CE)
- M-49: locate position (Omega)