JPF/JLR, june 7, 1958

A short piece of film footage was send to the ships imaging lab by Canada Airforce Special Task division (CAST-north).
It seems to contain the first visual record of side effects due to the phenomena we're studying.
The footage is taken out of the observation window of one of the F-100's and shows an unknown four-engine airoplane form.
This film is filed by JLR designated MP-36.

The area in which the observation was recorded remains classified until further notice, but data correlates with other observations on file.
It has now become clear, however, that the transition area (TA) extents both in hight and as depth, as measured by our deep-sea probes (refer OR-24).
The duration of the actual observation has been about 6 minutes, so in this case the transition window (TW) could be longer.

Again we notice the visual turbulance-like phenomena. Unfortunately there have not been any multi-directional telemetry recording on this CAST mission,
but analysis of the pilot communication audio recordings by CE reveal interferences that have been recorded earlier (refer R-67,68,69,88,123).
CE suggests that the signals can be extracted by filters and demodulation, followed by known sonification processing.
We'll contact ION with proposal to keep CE on board for the rest of our current assignment, and proceed with indepth research of the new material.

MP-36 is unclassified for your reference here.