By Mrs. J. LeRovan
Ed Prism

Section A.
01: what is the minimum average signal possible which can contain the messages?
02: we had this problem in angle modulation systems as well; where else?
03: what should be the relative intensities of the illuminants, and what will be the relative intensities of the mixture colors?
04: the basic problem can now be stated: what is the best estimate of F(s) obtained from the actual quotient H(s)/G(s)?
05: but is it not paradox that the stars are in perpetual motion notwithstanding the coldness of outer space and that the vicinity of absolute zero removes some great obstacles, suddenly facilitating the stream of electrons between the atoms and molecules of certain conductors of electricity?
06: clearly, the subjective sensation of pitch was affected by the sensation of loudness - but why?
07: when the medium is in equilibrium at temperature T, what is the spectral density of the radiation within?
08: if the sun could bring summer and winter and the moon move the ocean, why shouldn’t mars and venus have effects on lesser matters such as human wars?
09: what if their spectra are not flat?
10: what about combinations of the variations, to create new variations?

Section B.
(expected: spring 1958)